Sedena C. Cappannelli is an expert in individual and organizational transformation, a leading corporate consultant, wellness facilitator and executive and personal coach.

With 150 million people soon to be over 50 years of age for the first time in history, Enlivened Ageing Services offer a welcomed and essential whole-systems approach to living consciously and aging wisely.  Cutting edge information, strategies, exercises, new learning processes, workshops and inspirational talks support individuals in achieving greater health, vitality, optimism, efficacy, purpose, clarity of vision and balance.

Speaking Engagements, Enlivened Ageing Workshops & Retreats

Sedena presents talks and workshops across the country to a variety of organizations and associations as well as her signature, Enlivened Ageing Retreats for Women.
You can have her present a keynote speech for your company or organization and you will receive a dynamic, inventive talk or program tailored to your audience and filled with cutting edge information and innovative strategies .
Your participants will learn empowering ways to achieve greater balance, vitality, productivity and success.  As co-founder of AgeNation, supporting people 40 and over, Sedena inspires audiences to live more conscious and engaging lives. Whether in a key-note presentation or a half or full day workshop, Sedena shares skills from P.E.P., her original Personal Energy Program, with ground breaking, personalized, wellness strategies for de-stressing, balance, energy and well being.

Enlivened Ageing and Beauty Inside- Out Workshops and Retreats.

Bring Sedena’s Enlivened Ageing Workshop to your area for your business or organization and energize, de-stress and motivate your staff and employees to greater productivity and success.
Keynotes, luncheons and half or full day programs for women’s groups and associations are always a huge hit. Women love the Beauty Inside-Out component of Enlivened Ageing. Custom presentations can be created for groups or organizations with 15 or more people.  Call for more information.

These energizing, inspiring and de-aging strategies empower participants to discover greater meaning and purpose, vitality, and well being at any age.

Enlivened Ageing Benefits:

  • Discover techniques to calm your mind, restore balance and beauty from the inside out.
  • Learn simple, hands-on skills to rejuvenate and heal your body, mind and spirit.
  • Experience beauty techniques and secrets to de-age, and beautify  (have a face lift without the surgery)
  • Explore strategies to deepen self acceptance and celebrate personal power and beauty - at any age.
  • Learn self-empowering processes for greater levels of self-reliance, poise, inner peace and reconnection with the peace and wisdom within you.

Enlivened Ageing ReTreat Video

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Hear What Some Women Are Saying
About This One-Day Program


This program is better than Oprah! 
                                  Doris R. Driver – Event Coordinator

Thank you for all you gave, my heart is so full… haven’t experienced this much joy in a long, long time. 
     Tiny P. - Retired

“My coaching work with Sedena has brought about the most miraculous shifts in my life. I now know that I have all the answers inside myself. The greatest gift is that I’ve learned to love myself, even in my darkest moments and to live my life with passion.”
Karen Douglas – Personal Consultant 

Personal Enlivened Ageing Sessions – In the Privacy of Your Home

When you book a private session with Sedena, you will receive insightful information, simple, yet powerful tools to increase energy, balance, clarity, greater confidence and personal efficacy. The session will guide you to enhance your sense of well being through uncomplicated techniques designed to augment the body's own ability to heal itself and to slow the aging process.  You will also receive valuable life tools to assist you in developing clarity of vision and a genuine sense of empowerment, meaning and purpose.
Please see the Benefits and information from this page and choose the other aspects of Enlivened Ageing that you would like to personally focus on.

Your Private Enlivened Ageing Coaching Session:
• 1 hour – $240
• 10 session Package – $2100

Business Wellness Programs

Energy for Life – The Ultimate Wellness Program for People in the Second Half of Life.
In this dynamic program, Sedena C Cappannelli, delivers a whole system approach to aging consciously that includes wellness and aliveness at any age.  Sharing cutting edge information on aging, interactive processes and simple, yet profoundly effective personalized exercises she supports individuals in breaking through the stress and overload that is preventing them from feeling balanced and effective in their personal and professional lives. Participants are exposed to all aspects of wellness, including proper nutrition, uncomplicated techniques for creating greater vitality and life balance, emotional and physical well being, and some fundamental secrets for healthful living, self reliance and clarity of purpose. 
Participants will learn powerful skills and practical techniques for reigniting the power, wisdom and passionate engagement that is possible in the second half of life. In this hands-on program they will discover motivating strategies to thrive in the midst of the challenges and opportunities that are present during this time of demographic revolution that will dramatically affect people of all ages.

Practice hands on, simple, yet powerful tools to increase energy, balance, clarity and personal efficacy.
Enhance a sense of well being through uncomplicated techniques designed to augment the body's own ability to heal itself and to slow the aging process.
Develop greater confidence in one’s own personal power, self reliance and positive communication with others.
Learn valuable life tools at any age to create a genuine sense of empowerment, meaning and purpose.
Gain awareness of one’s role as a conscious elder and uncover natural gifts and talents that will generate dynamic personal efficacy and legacy.

For Speaking Engagements, Enlivened Ageing Workshops & Retreats
or for Your Enlivened Ageing - Personal Coaching Session

Please Send Sedena an e-mail and include:
• yours or your company’s name
• contact information
• the focus for the Talk, Workshop, Program or Personal Session
• optional dates and times

  Or call 505.470.6295

Sedena's Bio

Sedena C. Cappannelli is an expert in individual and organizational change and a nationally recognized thought leader on aging. As a corporate consultant, facilitator, speaker and author she combines high-level corporate strategies with original Enlivened Ageing© and personal development skills to assist individuals and organizations to create greater balance, vitality, productivity and success. Sedena works with some of the top organizations in the public and private sectors; (NASA, Sun MicroSystems, Boeing, National Associations, Non-Profits, etc.), and thousands of individuals across the country who have attended her talks and programs.  Her work is also explored in two books co-authored with her husband; “Say Yes to Change – 25 Keys For Making Change Work For You” (Walking Stick Press, 2002) and “Authenticity - Simple Strategies For Greater Meaning and Purpose At Work and At Home” (Emmis Books, 2004).  Her original book, “The Personal Energy Program (PEP) is a ground-breaking, personalized, energy wellness program that provides skills for achieving greater levels of vitality, balance and renewal for individuals. Sedena’s new book, Do Not Go Quietly – A Guide to Aging Consciously and Wisely for People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday (Hay House, AMI, AgeNation) is now available at and bookstores everywhere.

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