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Sedena C. Cappannelli is a an organizational and wellness consultant, speaker and author who combines original energy management, personal development and corporate strategies to help individuals and organizations create greater balance, vitality, productivity and success. She is the co-founder of AgeNation, supporting people 40 and over to live more conscious and engaging lives.

P.E.P., her original Personal Energy Program, introduces a ground breaking, personalized, wellness system that provides greater levels of energy, balance and wholeness through simple, yet powerful movements distilled from eastern and contemporary energy practices.

In her talks and programs, Sedena combines the practical wisdom from her books, Say Yes To Change - 25 Keys For Making Change Work For You and Authenticity – Simple Strategies For Greater Purpose and Meaning At Work and At Home and the recently published Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide to Conscious Living and Wise Aging for People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday along with her original energy management and successful personal development tools.

Sedena lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband George and their “Kids”. They are planning for an ‘Ark,’ with Pecos, pictured here and his sister, Glory, the two cats, Fearless and Rumi, two birds, Caruso and Diva, two turtles, Mr. Diver and Merlin and five beautiful Koi.

Sedena is also the co-founder and President of About Life, Inc, a company she created to bring personal empowerment and innovative wellness programs to women through keynotes, seminars, coaching, books, tapes and related products.  Her signature series of dynamic, S.E.L.F. (Self Enhancement Life Fulfilling), Enlivened Ageing and Beauty Inside-Out Retreats & Programs are presented in locations around the country, online and in a new book.
Sedena has been a member of The Screen Actors Guild since 1979 and worked as a professional actress for years, appearing in numerous films, television programs and theatrical productions. She has also served as on camera spokesperson for numerous products and causes. 
As a theatrical writer and producer, Sedena has written and developed a wide range of story concepts for television including “Earth Alive Network.”  She produced and acted in “An Evening with Lanford Wilson”, performed for two years with The Los Angeles Shakespeare Circle, produced it for cable television, and was a member of the award-winning West Coast Theatre Ensemble. As a member of The Screen Actors Guild Sedena is also a member of The Federation of Television & Radio Artists, serves on the Advisory Board of The Unbroken Cord, a Native American foundation, and The National Museum of Women’s History in Washington.        


“I thought of other words….and some phrases that describe my experience at Sedena's Enlivened Aging Program...

Transcendence of the ego, into the authentic self.
Mindful presence.

Enlivened Ageing opens heart space for remembering the deeper secrets that we already know innately, things that perhaps, we have known since birth, about our true spiritual natures, but which we have forgotten as the white noise of life becomes our experiential cocoon, as we traverse the terrain of life.
Please tell Sedena, what a wonderful gift it was being present in her forum on Enlivened Ageing.
Remembering how to reference myself, and to honor every junction of transcendence...  feeling resonance and alliance with my inner being, and sharing that experience with other women, was both profound and powerful.

Deep thanks, to all who participated in facilitating the special nature of the forum on Enlivened Aging...especially to Sedena.”

Deborah Cox


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