“If we focus on prevention we won’t have to work so hard down the road fixing our bodies from disrepair and disease….the way to avoid this is to raise our level of wellness.”


At last, your very own, Personal Energy Program to Go Beyond Aging to Look and Feel Younger and Vitally Alive at Any Age! For GenXers, Boomers & Beyond!

PEP is a ground-breaking, 3-part personal wellness system that will help you look and feel younger, more energized and focused than ever before. Sedena guides you through deceptively simple, yet powerful movements distilled from eastern and contemporary energy practices. These meditative movements calm your mind, energize your body and enliven your spirit.

True health and beauty begin from a deep sense of wellness on the inside.  Your face and body will glow with renewed health, energy, balance and peace by practicing this easy series of movements that will change your life.  The Program begins with a rejuvenating warm up,  that will bring fresh energy into every cell of your body. The floor exercises will stretch and relax your body with a combination of yoga, Chi Kung and Tibetan movements. The Standing Exercises are deeply healing for your internal systems and organs.

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When the Personal Energy Program is performed even partially on a consistent basis it will help you to summon control of yourinner energy, reinforce your stamina and create a strong and healthy body, mind and spirit.


Some Benefits of The Personal Energy Program

The Personal Energy Program of exercises will directly improve physiological functions of the body and promote calm as they enhance self-motivation.  Individuals will learn to manage and reverse the effects of anxiety, bewilderment and stress. 

The Program achieves remarkable benefits, including a shift in heart rhythms that create positive neural, hormonal and biochemical effects throughout the body and much more.

  • Stress hormones are reduced
  • Reduction and eventual elimination of fatigue, depression, and anemia
  • Blood pressure is lowered
  • Increased physical strength, vitality, range of motion
  • Immune system is enhanced
  • Increased mental acuity, focus and alertness
  • Anti-aging hormones are released into the system
  • There is an increase in focus, calm and control
  • Greater stamina and flexibility
  • Enhanced energy circulation throughout the body
  • Greater resistance to illness and extreme temperatures
  • Delivers vital energy to the brain and nervous system
  • Ease in anxiety and insomnia
  • Reduces need for sleep (by as much as 1-3 hours per night)
  • Memory improvement

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