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Ageless You! Embody Wellness, Vitality & Youthfulness at Every Age
Friday, April 13, 2018, 8 – 8:45pm, Snow Canyon Room

Weaving the power of the ancient practice of Qigong with transformational wellness and enlivened ageing concepts, Sedena reveals key practices and perspectives to attain and maintain greater health, balance, peace and longevity.  People of all ages want to know how to daily de-stress, re-balance, renew and re-energize body, mind and spirit and thrive as they age. During this presentation, you will reaffirm the vital relationship to your own wholeness, healing and happiness and learn ways to experience a more empowered you.

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Discover a whole new sense of aliveness, balance, empowerment and energy! Uncover your unique beauty from the inside-out!


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Ageless You! The Best Is Yet To Be
Saturday, April 14, 2018, 8 – 8:45pm, Snow Canyon Room

Sharing empowering perspectives from her latest books, The Best Is Yet to Be and Getting Unstuck, and the newest science-backed research, Sedena offers strategies for uncovering the rich hidden layers of talent and wisdom that are unique to each of us.  Through Indigenous wisdom, positive aging approaches and skills that promote happiness, resilience and long life, we can thrive and move beyond limited concepts of aging to discover ways to be vital, youthful and purposeful at any age.

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“Sedena embodies the beauty and importance of self care. Her PEP program is a beautiful synthesis of her life's practices of exercises, movement, breathing, massage and affirmations.” 



I’ve lost 25 pounds and counting…I’m feeling great and everyone keeps asking what I’ve been doing…haven’t stopped doing my exercise, and all I can say is, it’s working!  
Katherine Castro



Own your own DVD of the Personal Energy
Program and begin to feel enlivened today!


Experience P.E.P.!  Your very own,
Personal Energy Program.  The de-ageing,
revitalizing, energizing wellness program.

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A short intro of P.E.P. by Sedena Cappannelli


Energizing, De-Stressing and De-Aging Strategies that will empower you to be vitally alive and healthy for the rest of your life.


Sedena reminds us all to keep an open heart by keeping the mind young, and to care for ourselves as we care for the world. I bathed in the beauty, strength and rich history of all the women present. Thank you!”   
Sunday Paucar


Thank you for an extremely nurturing and inspiring retreat.  Please continue your wonderful work. 
Elaine Schneider – School Teacher


“Get more out of life...with Sedena Cappannelli’s lead.  Now there are ways to make it painless, even easy.  Just copy what top execs do to make any change turn out great.”   
Woman’s World    



Enlivened Ageing ReTreat Video

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Hear What Some Women Are Saying
About This One-Day Program


Deepen self-acceptance and celebrate your personal power and beauty at any age!



“I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and the workshop that followed and am especially thrilled with the exercises that we did...for the first time in almost a year I woke up with NO upper back pain? Thanks again for the excellent strategies for living a better life!”  
Barbara Thompson-Bailey – R.N.





Sedena's Latest Book is Available on Amazon!

Sedena's magazine interview on Do Not Go Quietly
Some Other Books Co-Authored by Sedena


Learn About Some Powerful Tools for Your
Aging Consciously Journey! 


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Sedena's Media Montage Video


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